Shawn’s Bio

HypnoShawnIt is fair to say that I have always had an interest in hypnosis.  The ability to help people and to entertain with the same tool always intrigued me.  I began seriously studying hypnosis in my senior year at high school.  Since that time I have used hypnosis to help people build confidence in who they are, achieve a goal such as losing weight or eliminating sugar cravings and by far the most sought after – natural stress reduction.

I enjoy the reports that come back to me.  “That was the first time in a long time, I was able to sleep through the night.”  Or, “I feel like I am in control of myself!”  Sometimes, it is, “I am not grinding my teeth anymore.”  The list goes on, but the results are always the same – positive improvement.

Of course, I have entertained at parties, much to the amazement of audience.  The number one comment back, is, “Wow!!!”  Audiences, like most of us, seriously underestimate the power we have in our mind.  During the Mind Machine Shows, I always build in an educational component, because it is one thing to be entertained.  It is another to take the tool and use it for yourself.

I invite you to look around my site and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.  My contact information is out there should you need an entertainer or personal help.

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