Personal Improvement

How to Break Through Your Barriers and Change for the Better

“The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think.” – Scott D. Lewis

“I have had it!  This time it’s going to work.”  I don’t know about you, but I have muttered those words thousands of times.  In fact, each of us has said this, yelled this and tried to “will” this into reality.  But, in the end nothing seems to change for the better.

I found the secret to creating lasting change and can help you while you change.  It is literally, “All in your head!”

My name is Shawn Kostiuk and I am a hypnotist.  I am not here to offer you a bunch of mumbo jumbo that may or may not work.  I know that hypnosis works because I have already helped many people find peace of mind and change for the better.  I do not provide therapy.  I provide the tools necessary for you to successfully change your life.

There are a number of basic changes that people know hypnosis can help with.  Smoking Cessation, Weight Control and Stress Reduction are three of the biggest positive changes that you can make.  There is so much more that you can do with hypnosis.  What would your life be like if…

  • … you shed that unhealthy weight and created a physically healthy you?  Hypnosis can help you create the healthy habits for eating and exercising.
  • … you improve your health by quitting the addiction that is keeping you prisoner?  Everybody immediately thinks smoking, but there are other substances that are equally dangerous – sugar, alcohol, drugs (pharmaceutical and not) that you can gain control over.
  • … you were able to have a quality sleep so you can deal with life head on?  Getting the right amount of uninterrupted, healthy rest is vital to you conquering the day!
  • … you destroy the fear or phobia that has been preventing you from living life to the fullest.  This is so common that people just accept that’s the way it is.  Hypnosis creates new self-confidence using your total mind to overcome.
  • … you manage stress and anxiety so that it does not overwhelm you.  Hypnosis can retrain your conscious mind to deflect stress and anxiety, using them as motivation.

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